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Within the Reporting Suite, you are able to create a Client List Report as a Custom Report. Please note that you must have the relevant Report Permissions to be able to run this.

Steps to create

  1. Go to the Reporting Suite
  2. Click Create Custom Report
  3. Select the following:
    Report Area: Client Reports
    Report Type: Client List Report
  4. Give the report an easily identifiable name and chose the appropriate folder
  5. Click OK

Configure Report

You will then be presented with the Configuration screen where you can define how the report is sorted, which columns to include, add any filters and share with other users.

Once you have completed the configuration, click View Report in the top left corner.

Report Permissions

To access this report, you must have the relevant permissions which can only be granted by a user with the Company Manager role. By default, only the Company Manager can access this report.

For instructions on how to set Report Permissions, please see this article: Report Permissions

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