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Within FinPlan there are several out of the box reports you can generate on the different areas of the system. These reports are pre-configured and give you the ability to change the date range of the reporting period where necessary.

The functionality to create custom reports is also available through the FinPlan report suite.

To create a custom report, follow the steps outlined below:

Within the report suite select ‘Create Custom Report

Select the report area, type and style in the ‘Create Custom Report’ window.

Report Area: This section will allow you to choose what part of FinPlan you want to report on. e.g. Business reporting, Client reporting, Commission reporting.

Report Type:  Here, you will be able to select what information you would like to display. On a Commission Report, for example, you could choose to report on Outstanding Commission, Received Commission, Paid Commission etc.

Report Style: You will then be asked to choose what style of report you want to create, follow this link to read about reporting styles within FinPlan.

You can also choose or add Custom Report Folder and Custom Report Name.

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