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Diary Notes can be used to highlight important information about clients which can be seen quickly by running a Diary Notes Report.


Adding a new diary note

1) Open the client record

2) Click on New Diary Note

3) In the Diary Note, you can enter information regarding a time-specific task or note about the client.

e.g. Our client has a doctors appointment in 2 weeks, we can enter a note reminding us that the client will have received results from the doctor on a specific date, prompting us to get in touch with the client to increase personal contact with them. We can use the ‘Folder Name’ section to categorise the note as well as enter a date when the note expires by using the ‘Deleted On’ section. The ‘Diary Date’ will be attached to the note and will allow us to report on notes from a specific time period.

Viewing diary notes

1) Open the client record

2) Click on Reports -> Diary Notes Report

This will provide you with a configurable report where you can choose the date range of the notes by using the Configure Report button. You can use these notes before making contact with the client to ensure you are up to date with the latest non-enquiry based work.

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