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There are two methods to delete a client within FinPlan; a soft or hard delete.


Soft Delete

A soft delete has the ability to be reversed or viewed when required. Change the client status to Archived to complete a soft delete.

An archived client will not appear in Searches or other standard operations unless explicitly requested. If you have client records and an on-going requirement to potentially access the records in the future, you would Archive the client rather than delete it. This means that should you require access in the future, all of the existing detail is still available when required.

Hard Delete

If you have never written business or made a recommendation, or have passed any statutory period when the details may be required then the data can be hard deleted.

To hard delete a client record, click on the Delete Record button from the Client menu at the top of the screen.

Once deleted, the client is added to your Recycle Bin where, if an error has been made, it can still be recovered. If it is determined that an actual permanent delete is required the items in the Recycle Bin can be added to a Delete Session. Once this has been approved for deletion and checked, a permanent delete process is started which is not reversible.

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