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When a client passes away, the Client Status can be set to Deceased and the Deceased Date recorded.

Setting a client’s deceased date

You can set the client’s deceased date once the Client Status has been changed to Deceased. The date will only be available once the Client Status has been changed.

Searching for deceased clients

The deceased client status hides the client from the Client Search by default. If the deceased party has a partner, the surviving partner can still be searched for and when opened the Deceased partner will be accessible.

If the deceased party is a single client then the only way to ‘find’ them is either to access them via the Recent Clients if shown on the Home Page or to manually include deceased clients in the client search. To do this, when viewing the Client Search screen, select the Include Archived Clients menu option from the Client menu:

Once selected, both clients with a status of Archived and a status of Deceased will be available in the search.

Where a client is to be archived, but has not died, the Archived Client Status should be set which will also hide the client record from normal searches.

Once all matters relating to a deceased client have been dealt with any joint clients with a surviving partner should be ‘split’ (See ‘How to Split a Client’) so that the surviving party is represented as a single client record.

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