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Once you have created a custom report you will have the opportunity to configure this to show the information required.

Configure Report

Here you are able to set the page and section separation (New Page For Each and New Section For Each) criteria and order the information (Order By).

You can also choose who you want to run the report for if you wanted to focus on a certain adviser.

Report Columns

Here you can add and remove columns.

Available Columns shows the columns available to be added. These columns will depend on the area of FinPlan you are reporting on.

Selected Columns shows you the columns that have been added to the report. It also allows you to move the columns up or down, changing where they appear on the report.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering gives you all the potential filters available for the reporting area chosen.

Available Filters show the filters available based on the reporting area.

Active Filters show the filters currently in use. You can edit and remove these filters.  


Sharing give you the ability to share the custom report with other users.

Report Owner will be the user who configured the report and therefore the owner of the report.

Share Report With allows the user to share the report with either selected users or a certain user role. When you chose to share the report with a certain user or user role, you can also choose if the user can change the configuration of the report or not.

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