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How to extract Client Contact Details out of FinPlan

The reporting suite in FinPlan only allows reporting on Client email addresses as an extra column in a Custom Business Written Report. This has been designed this way for data protection and GDPR purposes.

If you need to extract Client Email Addresses or Correspondence Address, you can do this by using our Mailshot functionality.

For more information on Mailshots please click here.

If you only wish to gather email addresses for clients who meet certain conditions, please use our Query Builder before using the Mailshot function to extract the list of Client email addresses or correspondence addresses.

For more information on Query Builder, please click here.

Once you have got the list of clients whose details you wish to export prepared, click the ‘Select All‘ tick box:

Then follow the normal process for creating a Mailshot, by clicking the Generate Document icon on the toolbar, then Mailshot.

You will then be able to choose which type of Mailshot you would like to generate. In this case, we want to be exporting the data, so we will select Export File.

Select how you wish Recipient Data to pull through into the CSV document, as well as Formal or Informal Salutation and Consent. Once these fields have been selected accordingly, name the file you wish to save the document as, and the list of Client correspondence information will save where you have chosen, as a CSV document.

If you are looking to create a list of addresses, to generate labels to send out newsletters or such correspondence, please click here to see how you can use the FinPlan generated CSV document to create a list of labels in Microsoft Word.

If your current access does not allow you to complete a Mailshot in FinPlan, please contact us at or your account manager.

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