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There are two separate methods to add a partner to an existing client record depending on whether a partner already exists in the system or not.


Partner details do not exist within FinPlan

(1) Locate the single client record and open it.

(2) Click on Client -> Add Partner

(3) Add the basic partner details. Whilst the surname defaults to the client’s name, this and all of the other details can be overwritten if required.

(4) Once completed, the partner detail screens will be available and a Client Search can be completed for either the self or partner record to locate and open the client records.

Partner already exists as a single client record within FinPlan

(1) Locate both single clients in the Client Search screen but do not open them.
If the surnames are different you may need to use the Show all results option in the Go menu to see all of the possible matches.
If one of your clients surnames begin with E and the other N you can enter [en] in the surname search box to get a list of all clients whose surnames begin with e OR n.

(2) When you can see both clients in the list you need to click once in the left-most column of the results list – this will place a ‘*’ next to the client:

In the example shown above, Aaron Naylor and Abigail Else are to be joined and so have been selected by clicking in the far-left column.

(3) Once the target clients have been selected, the Client->Merge Clients menu option can be accessed to join the two single records together.

In the event that a mistake has been made, clients divorce or separation and two single client records are required a joint client record can also be split into two separate records. See How to Split a Client’ for details.

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